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TCBC is looking to partner with real estate investors with a goal of a 20% return for cash invested over a 12 month period, with all funds being returned within a year. Investors purchasing individual properties may hold the property as long as desired.

Currently, there are two types of investment opportunities

  1. Purchase a model in a new community with rent back from TCBC or
  2. Partnering with TCBC to invest in a multi-unit housing development

In summary, TCBC is a growing and expanding enterprise with increasing opportunities for building and selling new homes or renting residential units to consumers and investors in the strong Baltimore-Washington marketplace.  There are frequent opportunities for individual investors and private equity funds to enter our markets and partner with TCBC reaching our market areas. We offer medium and large residential investment opportunities for individual investors or start up equity funds and invite you to  contact us   for exploration of upcoming opportunities and prospectuses.

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